Greater Manchester Lib Dem PPC defects to Labour

by Stephen Tall on June 29, 2009

The Manchester Evening News has the story:

A Liberal Democrat candidate for the next General Election has defected to Labour. Paul Moss had already been selected as candidate for Denton and Reddish but has now quit the party.

Mr Moss said: “Nationally the Liberal Democrats are a complete joke. And I have seen how the Lib Dems in Stockport have completely ignored local people and have helped to seriously damage communities like Reddish through their uncaring policies.”

A Liberal Democrat spokesman said: “It’s a shame he feels this way. He certainly didn’t express these views when he was trying to become our candidate for the council by-election in Stockport this month. It seems a bizarre decision to join the directionless Labour Party, which is crumbling locally and nationally.”

I don’t think you have to read between too many lines to infer that this is more about personalities than policies.