The LDV Saturday Open Thread (27 Jun ‘09): what’s on your mind?

by Stephen Tall on June 27, 2009

We don’t do an LDV Daily View 2 x 2 round-up on Saturdays, so instead here’s an open thread. What stories have caught your eye? What issues are on your mind? Are you more in mourning for Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett? Is the issue of MPs’ expenses receding? Exactly how pissed with David Cameron are Tory MPs? Discuss away in the comments below…

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…”Pissed OFF” with David Cameron, you must mean, unless we are being treated to more Americanisation. Or maybe they are “pissed” because they have been drinking away their woes….

What is on my mind is the article by Andrew Grice in the Independent, “It’s your choice: Dodgy Gordon or Honest David”, in which he talks about how the Tories have somehow “stumbled on” honesty as a theme.

I am utterly sickened and disheartened that he could be peddling this Tory party spin. “Honest Dave”? I ask you! The point is, that in making much more noise than the other leaders, Cameron is still trying to turn expenses round into something he can gain credit from, when in fact he has totally failed to sack his “front bench flippers”: Gove, Lansley and Osborne.

It is time for a direct challenge from Clegg: sack them now. That would pull the rug from under Cameron’s feet and grab some headlines, showing up what a fake Dave is on this issue.

by Robert C on June 27, 2009 at 8:54 am. Reply #

Pots cant call kettles black, though, can they. A lot of senior Tories have got away without being criticised – locally we have Tory-boy here in Wantage, Ed Vaisey, who has not been criticised for anything, let along the judgment that it was all right for the taxpayer to fund his antique furniture, bought from a member of the Cameron family.

By the way, did you see Newsnight slueth Michael Crick interviewing the MP for Norwich North, who said “depending on who they select this weekend” he might stand as an independent Labour candidate. Then he might not – the local Labour Party might select him, instead, as an “up yours, we are independent of the Labour machine and dont like being told our MP cant stand as an official Labour candidate”. So, Norwich North would get a) messy, and b) interesting.

As for being sympathentic to the Greens, who will do anything to stop us winning our most marginal seat of all in Oxford East, and, have done pretty well at replacing Liberal Democrats as the main challenger Brighton, words fail…

Are we in this to win, or, just make nice noises?

by Philip Young on June 27, 2009 at 10:13 am. Reply #

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