YouTube 'cos we want to: Tory leaders special

by Stephen Tall on June 17, 2009

Welcome to this latest instalment of our new LDV feature rounding up some of the best/worst/most curious political videos doing the rounds.

How could I not start with David ‘Veer are yur papeers?’ Cameron’s indulgence in a bit of outdated xeno-stereotyping. I find it hard to get worked-up by it – and it certainly doesn’t qualify as racist. It’s just not very Prime Ministerial, is it?

Speaking of not very Prime Ministerial, let’s remind ourselves of one of the prime reasons the Tories are so relieved to have Mr Cameron as their leader: Iain Duncan Smith, here in full oratorical flow ‘turning up the volume’:

And then, finally, let’s remind ourselves of two more of Mr Cameron’s failed non-Prime Ministerial predecessors – William Hague and Michael Howard – as their frighteningly similar interviews with BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman are juxtaposed for our viewing pleasure:

By the way, if a Labour cabinet minister had blustered and evaded in the way Mr Hague so deperately did, you can bet the video would have gone viral around the Tory/MSM blogs within a day.