And the winners are…

by Stephen Tall on June 14, 2009

Back on 2nd June, LDV launched our election prediction competition, inviting readers to put their reputations on the line and tell us what they thought would happen in the 4th June English local and European elections. Here are the questions with the actual results in bold:

1. Predict the Liberal Democrat share of the vote in the European elections. 14%
2. Predict the turnout in the European elections. 34.5%
3. Predict the Liberal Democrat lead over Labour in the local elections (if you think the results will be LD 25%, Lab 22%, your answer is +3%. If you think it will be the other way around, your answer is -3%). +5%
4. Predict how many local authorities the Liberal Democrats will have majority control of on 5th June. 1 (Bristol)
5. Predict the net loss/gain of Lib Dem councillors. -2 (BBC figures)

I’ve now had chance to mark the competition, summing the differences between readers’ answers and the results, resulting in the following league table:

1. Ed Randall (10.5)
2. Darren Reynolds (12)

3. Stephen Tall (12.5)
4. Nigel Ashton (13)
5. Darrell (18)
6. Joshua Dixon (18)
=7. Nick (22)
=7. Thomas (22)
9. Stuart Ritchie (22.2)
=10. Cllr Patrick Smith (30)
=10. Tabman (30)
12. jim (38)
13. Andy H (39)
14. tony hill (41.7)
15. Ian Ridley (44)
16. Harry Hayfield (60)

Congratulations to all for taking part, but especially to Ed Randall and Darren Reynolds for taking the winner’s and runner’s up spots respectively. As promised, Ed will receive a copy of LDV’s annual, The Tangerine Book – still available for purchase here – while Darren receives our last LDV mug.

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