And the award for most desperate headline goes to…

by Stephen Tall on May 6, 2009

Kevin Maguire in the Mirror for this effort:

Lib Dem support for the Gurkhas will cost them seats

His rationale for this, erm, counter-intuitive view? Though crediting Nick Clegg’s campaigning on behalf of the Gurkhas as “principled”, Kevin then argues that his “cosying up in bed together [with David Cameron] will cost the Lib Dems seats”.

Hmmm. Quite apart from the idea that the Lib Dem leader could (even if he’d wanted to) refuse to stand on the same platform as his Tory counterpart as part of a non-partisan campaign, what’s the evidence for Kevin’s suggestion?

Well, on the one hand you have Kevin’s quite-genuine-not-made-up-at-all-to-validate-my-argument hearsay that “I heard a potential switcher asking what’s the point of voting Lib Dem only to find Clegg putting Cameron into No 10 in a hung Parliament?”

And on the other, you have’s poll of 873 voters which finds that majorities of Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and non-aligned voters all feel positive ‘seeing or hearing about David Cameron’s Conservatives and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats working together’.