Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #113

by Stephen Tall on April 23, 2009

Welcome to the 113th of our weekly round-ups from the Lib Dem blogosphere, featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator (12th-18th April 2009), together with a hand-picked quintet, mostly courtesy of LibDig, you might otherwise have missed.

As ever, let’s start with the most popular post, and work our way down.

1. Dear Mark… on Irfan Ahmed’s blog.
The pen-pals’ good-natured correspondence continues…

2. On politics and those e-mails on Peter Black AM’s blog.
“I am sad this morning that we have become embroiled instead in a frenzied blood-letting that achieves nothing and undermines that vital conversation with our electors.”

3. Greens really have lost the plot! on Sara Bedford’s Always sing when you’re winning blog.
Green leader Caroline Lucas argues ‘flying is as bad as knifing someone’. Oh dear.

4. Blue plaques and red faces on Sara Bedford’s Always sing when you’re winning blog.
Blue in every sense of the word.

5. Clement Freud on the campaign trail on Baroness Ros Scott’s Because Baronesses are people too blog.
“Terry [Mayes] recalls canvassing a council estate where a disgruntled resident was bending Clement’s ear about the state of her house. ‘Madam’, said Freud, ‘If I am elected, I shall build you a new council house.’ She replied to say that she didn’t want a new council house, at which he said, ‘Madam, If I am elected, I shall build you an old council house’.”

6. Respec’ to Da Fink: Comment Central apologises to Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems by Stephen Tall on Lib Dem Voice.
Kudos to Daniel Finkelstein.

7. Is Lynne supping from the conservative spoon on John R’s Liberal Revolution blog.
On Ms Featherstone and lapdancing clubs: “in a Liberal society there needs to be more than just bandying about of broadbrush slogans and the feeding peoples prejudices”.

And now to the five blog-posts that come highly recommended regardless of the number of Aggregator click-throughs they attracted. As is now traditional we’re using the LibDig widget to select some of the posts from the seven days in question which you’ve most ‘dug’. But, remember, if you want to highlight a Lib Dem blog article published in the past seven days – your own, or someone else’s – using the steam-powered method of e-mail all you have to do is drop me a line at (providing the web-link and author, and any tagline comment you care to have published).

8. Kids told cupcakes and consoles as bad as smoking on ‘Costigan Quist’s’ Himmelgarten Cafe blog.
‘We owe our children more than scary lies.’ (Submitted by Joe Otten via LibDig).

9. First they came for the football supporters…
on Sara Bedford’s Always sing when you’re winning blog.
‘Very thoughtful blog on the current G20 crowd control and how lessons haven’t been learnt from Hillsborough.’ (Submitted by kwisstan via LibDig)

10. How far should Lib Dems keep away from Labour? on Charlotte Gore’s blog.
Calling for an anti-Labour coalition: “I know the Tories are barely better. I know that to expect anything other than a slowing down of the bad is undue optimism. But if Labour are forgiven by the electorate for everything they’ve done so far… well, there’s no words for how frightened that makes me feel.”

11. Why Cameron should be insisting that Brown DOESN’T need to apologise on Iain Sharpe’s Eaten By Missionaries blog.
Comparing the Tory leader’s demands for an apology from Labour over Damian McBride’s emails with the Tories’ silence over former PPC Ian Oakley’s criminal convictions for harrassment and intimation of Watford Lib Dems.

12. Oh, I just can’t be bothered on Nich Starling’s Norfolk Blogger blog.
We all have days like that, Nich. Come back soon…

That’s it for another week. Happy blogging.

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I don’t like being a pedant but given she’s scored three times here you may like to check if Cllr Bedford really spells her first name with an “h” (Clue: No). But good round-up.

by Jon on April 23, 2009 at 9:39 pm. Reply #

Rule No. 1 for the Golden Dozen: don’t copy ‘n’ paste a typo.

Sorry Sarah 😳

by Stephen Tall on April 23, 2009 at 11:46 pm. Reply #

It’s nice to think I’m featured so often that I’ve become a copy ‘n’ paste 😉

by Sara on April 24, 2009 at 8:40 am. Reply #

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