Eric Pickles’ QT cock-up – the eerie silence of the right-wing blogs

by Stephen Tall on March 27, 2009

I blogged earlier today on LDV about Eric Pickles’ pitifully embarrassing performance on last night’s Question Time, the Tory chairman riling the audience with his tone-deaf defence of MPs’ second homes. It’s not just in Lib Dem circles that this attracted attention – it’s provided much water-cooler comment in the office, and has uploaded the transcript and video here.

You might have though it would have merited some coverage in the right-wing blogosphere, whether springing to the Tory party chairman’s aid, or brushing it aside as a momentary gaffe. I’ve checked a couple of times today on the leading right-wing blogs – ConservativeHome, Guido, Iain Dale, Spectator Coffee House, Times Comment Central – but there’s nothing, nada, zilch. A deafening silence.

Readers of ConservativeHome (and, to be fair, the site usually has comprehensive coverage of the party, both the good and the bad) have been leaving comments all morning asking when Mr Pickles’ humiliation will be mentioned. But no response yet.

I ask the following question purely rhetorically: can you imagine how much coverage there would have been on those blogs if a Lib Dem or Labour politician had tanked as badly as Mr Pickles did last night? Less rhetorically, I ask: have we just seen a preview of how the right-wing blogosphere will react when a future Tory government cocks-up?

as noted in the first comment, ConHome did eventually publish a piece this afternoon while I was writing this article, remarking kindly that Mr Pickles “didn’t do a good job” under the diplomatically discreet headline, MPs must lead the way in preparing for the ‘austerity Parliament’.