43% of LDV readers say: yes to managed immigration

by Stephen Tall on February 6, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, LDV asked our readers the question, What’s the liberal response to immigration?
It sparked a fascinating comments thread, and our poll attracted over 500 votes. Here’s what you told us:

LDV asked: What do you think should be the basis of the UK’s immigration policy?

You told us:

>> 23% (121) Open the borders, and impose no immigration restrictions
>> 43% (225) Have managed immigration, eg through a points system
>> 15% (79) Operate an annual cap on immigration, with work-permits strictly limited to 4-years
>> 18% (95) Close the borders, and accept no more immigrants
Total Votes: 520. Poll ran: 13th January – 5th February, 2009