LDV readers say: a big no to Vince becoming Gordon's chancellor

by Stephen Tall on January 14, 2009

Cast your minds back 10 days, and there was a sudden eruption of fevered speculation, mainly in the right-wing blogosphere, that Vince Cable might be tempted to accept the post of Chancellor if it were offered to him by Gordon Brown. LDV was always dubious about the claim, even if it would prove popular with the public, as well as business leaders, as well as ‘money-saving experts’. But we decided to see what our readers thought of the proposition, asking: if offered the job by Gordon Brown, should Vince Cable accept the post of Chancellor?

Your answer was pretty clear-cut:

* Yes – 33% (126)
* No – 61% (232)
* Don’t know / Other – 5% (20)
Total Votes: 378. Poll ran: 3rd-13th January 2009