NEW POLL: do you think it's time for Speaker Martin to go?

by Stephen Tall on December 7, 2008

Take your pick of stories relating to the Commons Speaker Michael Martin today – here’s just three:

Martin ‘loses 32 MPs’ confidence’ (BBC)
I will go on and on, says defiant Speaker (Sunday Times)
Who Should Be the Next Speaker? (Iain Dale)

As I pos(i)ted yesterday, my guess is that this row will blow itself out. Labour MPs, whatever their real, private views might be, will have no wish to bring down one of their own. So any move against Speaker Martin is doomed.

But the Speaker’s wretched performance in the past week has undermined any credibility he might once have exercised; and a weakened Speaker increasingly dependent upon being propped up by the governing party is bad for Parliament and democracy. If he cared for such matters, let alone the dignity of his office, Michael Martin would announce his intention to retire at the next general election, at the latest.

That, at any rate, is my view. But what’s yours? Here’s your chance to say in LDV’s new poll, asking: Do you think it’s time for the Commons Speaker Michael Martin to go? Here are your options:

>> Yes, he should go now, he has become an embarrassment
>> Yes, but he should be allowed to survive in post until the next election,
>> No, he’s not done anything wrong, and should be allowed to stay for as long as he sees fit

Eyes right to vote; eyes down to continue the debate…