The race for the Lib Dem presidency

by Stephen Tall on September 30, 2008

It’s rare for an internal Lib Dem party contest (other than for leader) to start making headlines on the BBC website, but the presence of Lembit Opik as a candidate for party president has achieved just that, with this report on his Facebook campaign page.

That is of course the Catch-22 of Lembit’s campaign for the presidency: many of his supporters point to his knack for generating widespread publicity that gets the Lib Dems noticed. His opponents point to exactly the same talent.

There are, of course, three candidates for the party presidency, and each of them has a web presence. Of most interest (we hope) to party members looking to choose the candidate on the basis of what they offer, rather than your view of their personalities, below are the links to the their manifestos:

Chandila Fernando
Lembit Opik MP
Baroness Ros Scott

Lib Dem Voice has offered to run up to three ‘Presidential Platforms’ on behalf of each of the candidates during the contest. How they choose to use these is entirely up to them, and we hope will help inform party members in making their choice for party president.