LDV Media Moron Watch #1

by Stephen Tall on September 14, 2008

Party members who come to the Lib Dem conference frequently note the disparity between what’s actually happening, and the way in which it is distorted reported by the press (whether through ignorance, prejudice, laziness or carelessness is for you to judge according to your generosity of spirit). So welcome to LDV’s Media Moron Watch, in which we highlight for you some of the most choice examples of the media willfully misrepresenting what’s going on at Bournemouth 2008.

First up (simply because I read it first) is today’s Independent on Sunday, which captions a picture of Chris Huhne with:

Chris Huhne: casts a shadow over Nick Clegg’s conference

What prompted this apocalyptic view? Had Chris gone on the record to slag off Nick, declaring his intention to challenge him for the party leadership? No, of course not. Chris had been guilty simply of stating the obvious:

Mr Huhne also told the IoS that Mr Clegg would not become a household name until after the next election, saying the leader needed to “go through an election to become a real figure in the front rooms of the country”.

Like every other Lib Dem leader in history, then.

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