Top of the Blogs: The Golden Ton (Nos. 81-100)

by Stephen Tall on August 11, 2008

‘Tis the season for lists… All this week we are publishing the top 100 posts by Lib Dem bloggers, in descending order of popularity, for the last year – August 2007 to July 2008, inclusive, according to click-throughs from the Aggregator.

(Profuse thanks to techno-wizard and stat-monkey Ryan Cullen, who runs the Aggregator, for compiling this table.)

In today’s first instalment we run through 81-100:

81. EXCLUSIVE : Labour MP in shock announcement (Norfolk Blogger)
82. Nick was great on QT! (Liberal Revolution)
83. Want BNP? Vote Labour (Love and Liberty)
84. Nick Clegg: an apology (Anders Hanson)
85. Nick Clegg, what have you sacrificed? (Liberal England)
86. (come to think of it, actually, a bit) EXCLUSIVE: Nick Clegg talks to Quaequam Blog! (Quaequam Blog!)
87. Cleggheads and Huhnistas: what are they like? (The People’s Republic of Mortimer)
88. Lib Dem Euro selection results (Liberal England)
89. The Lib Dem B Team (UPDATE) (Quaequam Blog!)
90. Huhne apology and withdrawal (I Am Against This Sort Of Thing – now deleted)
91. Doubts About Clegg (Charlotte Gore)
92. Retraction (Ballots, Balls and Bikes)
93. 55 more party members back Clegg… (Jeremy Hargreaves)
94. I’ve changed my mind (5Tracks)
95. Kramer and Heath walk out of Lib Dem shadow cabinet meeting (UPDATED) (Lib Dem Voice)
96. How the Lib Dem leadership contest almost turned into a bloo… (Liberal England)
97. Team Huhne in denial? (Cowley Street Blog – now deleted)
98. Cowley St Xmas Party – exclusive photos! (Jonathan Wallace)
99. Mr Smug, Mr Smarm and my naked ballot paper (And Then He Said)
100. Was YouGov’s leadership poll “technically flawed”? (Lib Dem Voice)

Tomorrow: Nos. 61-80!