LDV members’ survey, August 2008 (3): what do you think of Nick Clegg’s leadership?

by Stephen Tall on August 6, 2008

All this week, Lib Dem Voice is publishing the results of our first ever survey of party members. Some 133 of you accessed the survey via our private members’ forum. We don’t pretend it’s a representative sample, but that doesn’t mean it’s without value either. We hope you, LDV’s readers, find it interesting. Perhaps the wider party will, too. This is the first in what we intend to be a monthly survey – if you have ideas for future survey questions, please email me at stephen@libdemvoice.org.

The third question asked about Nick Clegg’s leadership of the party.

LDV asked:
Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with how Nick Clegg is doing as leader of the Liberal Democrats?

Very satisfied 12%
Fairly satisfied 56%
Fairly dissatisfied 20%
Very dissatisfied 9%
Don’t know 3%

As we have no previous data to compare it with, it’s hard to know if Nick should be happy with a total satisfaction rating of 68% to 29% dissatisfied (a net rating of +39%). Given the tendency of party members to be critical – and the more so, it seems, if they are hooked-up to the internet – he can probably be pretty relaxed. Here are a selection of the comments of those who answered the question:

• I certainly don’t buy the criticism that he’s invisible – I think he’s been getting some good regular slots
• Good policy direction but needs to be more ‘charming/cheerful’ and also needs to make much more of a media impact.
• We just need the media to give him more attention – no doubt a pipe dream this side of a GE campaign!
• Generally right direction, but far too slow and still lacking clear narrative
• Exception of abstention re: Lisbon [though I am pro-European]
• Solid start. Needs a bit of luck and we could do well.
• He has done better that I expected but he still needs to show he is a ‘bite yer bum’ campaigner. And I am not sure he is being completely clear in his policy thoughts.
• Good guy but doesn’t take enough risks
• The guy needs time. He’s not being given a chance by the media yet but eventually they’ll have to give him coverage
• Moving in the right directon but needs to move faster.
• He’s surprised me. I thought he was a talentless twat. Now I accept he’s a talented twat.
• He’s doing better than I expected

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