Obama v. McCain: judge for yourselves

by Stephen Tall on June 4, 2008

At last we have a US general election match-up: Senator Barack Obama (Dem., Illinois) versus Senator John McCain (Rep., Arizona). They both spoke at rallies last night after the Sen. Obama’s victory was finally confirmed, and their speeches indicate the very real differences between the candidates.

It’s not just between their rhetorical styles (though if I was Sen. McCain, I’d fire my speech-writer. Mind you, if I was his speech-writer , I’d fire Sen. McCain, who can’t deliver a speech to save his life).

Nor is it just about the size of the crowds gathered to see them (though the generosity of Sen. Obama’s crowd when he spoke of Hillary Clinton sharply contrasted with the boos which Sen. McCain’s crowd direct at Sen. Obama).

There is a sharp contrast between the two candidates’ personalities and approaches. It’s going to be a fascinating contest, and I’ll nail my colours to the mast now: Sen. Obama will, I believe, emerge the victor.

Anyway, see what you think of the candidates’ speeches:

Sen. Barack ObamaSen. John McCain

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Their both pretty dire. Obhama was unsurprising but disappointing in his speach about Jerusalem.

by Simon on June 5, 2008 at 10:47 am. Reply #

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