Are you on your way to the Forum?

by Stephen Tall on February 22, 2008

Don’t forget, if you’re a party member you can register for the Lib Dem Voice members’ forum – in which case you get to read and post on a rich variety of topics which don’t always make it into the public blog. Here’s a selection of the currently active threads to whet your appetites:

* PPCs for the next General Election
* [ Poll ] Cannabis or Skunk?
* Great article on Vince in today’s Guardian
* Artwork for leaflets
* Do you web 2.0?
* Berwick on Tweed
* Blogging help required

(Disclaimer: though LDV’s forum moderators do our best to ensure membership is restricted to party members only, no forum is 100% safe. So, if you are posting something a little, erm, controversial, do count to 10, and think about it first…)