Thorpe's advice to Clegg: don’t go into coalition

by Stephen Tall on January 28, 2008

There’s an in-depth interview former Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe in today’s Guardian – focusing not on his past, but on the party’s future. Here’s the skinny:

On the Lib Dems helping form a coalition government:

I’d prefer Clegg not to go into coalition. He should keep the party a free agent, keep on opposing the government.”

On David Cameron:

Cameron is a phoney, a Thatcherite who is pretending to be progressive.”

On Gordon Brown:

Dour and unimpressive. Like Callaghan … You have to go back to Attlee to get a really good Labour PM.”

On proportional representation:

In the large rural areas, enormous constituencies, it is better to keep a single MP.” PR should be saved for the cities, he says.

And… on that scandal:

I wanted to clear the air, but I was pretty shattered. I would have gone on leading the Liberal Democrats. I think I could have pushed up our number of seats.”