Clegg in the press

by Stephen Tall on January 10, 2008

Hard to escape Nick Clegg in the media today: he’s everywhere. Here’s a selection…

An audio interview with The Guardian’s Jon Dennis following his PMQs’ debut here – apparently Nick has “always enjoyed” PMQs. (Perhaps Lynne Featherstone should have a word.)

There’s a Q&A with Nick with The Guardian’s Patrick Barkham here – including “why [Nick’s] no Cameron clone, why he wants to do more for children – and why we’re all working too hard”.

And, as if The Guardian couldn’t get enough of Nick, the paper also trails his much-anticipated speech on public services to this Saturday’s manifesto conference: Clegg prepares plans to end state intervention in schools.

For those who still have questions to put to Nick, Reuters Online is carrying a Q&A with “the young, smooth talking, but so far, relatively unknown new leader of the Liberal Democrats, on policy and the party’s prospects.”

Meanwhile his trip to the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood to meet Scottish Lib Dem leader Nicol Stephen and his MSP colleagues has been covered on STV here and in The Herald here. This comes ahead of Nick’s first ‘town hall meeting’ with members of the public this evening.