What should Nick ask Gordon at PMQs?

by Stephen Tall on January 8, 2008

The eyes of the Westminster village will be fixed on the new Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, when he pops up tomorrow to put the Prime Minister on the spot. (The eyes of the world will be rather more fixed on the New Hampshire results, of course.)

PMQs is an arena in which previous leaders have tended not to thrive: Paddy, Charles and Ming were not fans of the Commons’ self-indulgent pantomime. However, Vince Cable’s stellar turn as acting leader has certainly raised the bar, and Nick will be well aware that his performance will be directly compared with his immediate predecessor’s – and that the media will love nothing better than to find him wanting.

So what should Nick focus on? Will he go with foreign affairs (Kenya or Pakistan), or stay rooted in domestic politics (NHS, the economy)? And will he play safe with his first outing, or go for Gordon’s jugular? How do LDV readers think Nick should play it?