10 key Lib Dem questions for 2008

by Stephen Tall on December 29, 2007

Sky News’s Adam Boulton has posted his rather more worldly ’10 Questions for 2008’ over at his Boulton & Co blog:

A lot will happen that I can’t predict, but working from the known unknowns of next year’s calendar, here are ten questions which I believe will shape politics at home and abroad in 2008.

Forgive Lib Dem Voice for being a little more parochial, and concentrating on the world of Lib Demmery:

1. Will Nick Clegg become as well-known and respected/liked as Paddy and Charles became?

2. Will the party manage to stake out clear and mainstream liberal policy lines while asserting a more edgy approach to politics?

3. Will Brian Paddick’s London mayoral campaign take off?

4. Will May’s local election results show a Lib Dem advance or retreat?

5. How will Nick Clegg fare at Prime Minister’s Questions? (Especially in comparison to Vince Cable.)

6. Will Nicol Stephen’s leadership of the Scottish Lib Dems continue to bounce back?

7. Who will emerge as leader of the Welsh Lib Dems when Mike German stands down?

8. Will the Lib Dems’ consistently poll at or above 20%?

9. Who will succeed Simon Hughes as Lib Dem President?

10. Who will be crowned Lib Dem Blogger of the Year 2008?

And, yes, of course I’ve missed some out: please use the space below to complete…