Gordon’s round-up of the year (minus the stinky bits)

by Stephen Tall on December 27, 2007

Over at the Number 10 website, they’re reviewing the Prime Minister’s year (well, from June onwards). All the usual favourites are there: how Gordon single-handedly disarmed terrorists in Glasgow, personally mopped-up flooded Britain, and then laid hands upon F&M-infected cattle to cure them of all diseases.

The observant – and the Daily Mail – have noticed some things are missing, though: any reference to the election Gordon flunked, for example. Or HM’s Revenues & Customs’ loss of the personal details of 25 million families. Or the fundraising scandal that seems likely to result in the arrest of senior Labour party figures.

Perhaps there just wasn’t room?

PS: I feel obliged to be fair, and note that the stories relating to Labour’s dodgy donations and the general election mandate never sought are unlikely to make it onto a government website. However, the omission of the ‘lost data’ from the 2007 round-up just makes the government look silly and arrogant, as if it really is sticking its fingers in its ears, lah-lah-lahing in the hope that folk will forget. They won’t, and nor should they. Government communications would gain a little more credibility if they took this further opportunity to acknowledge the cock-up made, and apologise again. Air-brushing it out of history is a sad act of desperation.

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I was the observant one at 8.43am yestedray morning. Then the good ladies and gentleman of Her Majesty’s Press visited my site and nicked my mickey taking. But like the Murphys, I’m not bitter! 🙂

by dizzy on December 28, 2007 at 3:18 pm. Reply #

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