Sajjad Karim defects to Tories

by Stephen Tall on November 26, 2007

That’s the story Sky News is carrying this morning, with an interview from Saj himself.

Alex Wilcock notes here that he had just been re-selected as a Lib Dem candidate for the European Parliament in the north-west – he finished second to Chris Davies:

Mr Karim – far from declaring his new-found Conservative vision – was an enthusiastic contender in this all-member Liberal Democrat election. I believe he was elected relatively narrowly last time, and that the number of seats in that region (as in most others) is being reduced. With Liberal Democrat members voting for him to be in the same place as he was last time, second, it looks like he thought his job was safer in the Tories.

Helen Foster-Grime is now the second-placed Lib Dem candidate in the north-west of England.
Update: As noted in the comments below, Helen Foster-Grime won’t automatically take second. A recount of preference votes will take place to determine the new second-placed prospective Euro candidate and how the other candidates move up.

Update2: The votes have been recounted and a revised list is now available on Colin Rosenstiel’s website.