How the MPs are lining up (UPDATED)

by Stephen Tall on November 22, 2007

By popular request, here’s the current list of which Lib Dem MPs have declared for which leadership candidate so far. (Originally compiled with the help of Jonathan Isaby of The Daily Telegraph.)

The list shows that Nick has attracted two MPs who supported Chris as leader in 2006: Greg Mulholland and Stephen Williams; and eight who supported Simon Hughes (all listed below). Chris has attracted one former Ming Campbell backer – Tom Brake – and three MPs who supported Simon Hughes last time.

Eight MPs have stated they will not declare for any candidate; four have yet – so far as I’m aware – to state their intentions.

As we continue to note, the number of MPs who declare for any one candidate is, in one sense, irrelevant: we are a one-member-one-vote party. Clearly, however, MPs’ endorsements will carry some influence with party members, especially among non-activists.

The full list appears below:

Danny Alexander (Ming Campbell)
Norman Baker (MC)
John Barrett (MC)
Alan Beith
Colin Breed (MC)
Jeremy Browne (MC)
Malcolm Bruce (MC)
Alistair Carmichael (MC)
Ed Davey (MC)
Tim Farron (Simon Hughes)
Don Foster (MC)
Julia Goldsworthy (MC)
Mike Hancock (SH)
Nick Harvey (MC)
David Heath
John Hemming (MC)
Simon Hughes (SH)
Mark Hunter (SH)
Paul Keetch (MC)
Norman Lamb (MC)
David Laws (MC)
Michael Moore (MC)
Greg Mulholland (Chris Huhne)
Mark Oaten
Lembit Öpik
John Pugh (MC)
Alan Reid (MC)
Willie Rennie
Dan Rogerson (MC)
Paul Rowen (SH)
Robert Smith (MC)
Jo Swinson (MC)
Sarah Teather (MC)
John Thurso (MC)
Steve Webb (SH)
Stephen Williams (CH)
Phil Willis (SH)
Richard Younger-Ross (SH)

Tom Brake (MC)
Annette Brooke (SH)
Lynne Featherstone (CH)
Sandra Gidley (CH)
Evan Harris (SH)
Paul Holmes (SH)
Martin Horwood (CH)
David Howarth (CH)
Susan Kramer (CH)
Mark Williams (CH)
Roger Williams (CH)

Paul Burstow (MC) – Chief Whip
Lorely Burt (CH) – Chair of the Parliamentary Party
Vincent Cable (MC) – Acting Leader
Menzies Campbell (MC) – Former Leader
Charles Kennedy – Former Leader
Bob Russell
Adrian Sanders (MC)
Jenny Willott (MC)

Andrew George (MC)
John Leech (CH)
Andrew Stunell
Matthew Taylor (MC)

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Thanks Stephen

On 2nd November your eported Lembit was supporting Nick:

Has he climbed back on the fence or was your report unconfirmed?

by Paul Walter on November 22, 2007 at 11:35 am. Reply #

I think Lembit declared for Clegg a couple of weeks ago. Three MPs who didn’t declare last time have declared this time (Beith, Heath, and Rennie). (I thought Oaten had made a choice by the end of the campaign…)

by Peter Welch on November 22, 2007 at 11:39 am. Reply #

Thanks, Paul, Peter – quite right, and have duly amended.

by Stephen Tall on November 22, 2007 at 11:47 am. Reply #

I thought Matthew Taylor has now declared for Chris Huhne.

BTW what’s the breakdown amongst MEPs, MSPs and AMs?

What about Local Government, ALDC staff can’t go public, but over at the LGA, Group Leader Richard Kemp backs Huhne, but Deputy Gerald Vernon-Jackson backs Clegg. Anyone done a tally of Councillor endoresements?

by The last Radical on November 24, 2007 at 1:55 am. Reply #

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