A message to the gentle folk of the press

by Stephen Tall on October 12, 2007

And in particular for the benefit of Andrew Pierce of The Daily Telegraph and Hélène Mulholland of The Guardian.

First, please do try and get our name right. It’s simple common courtesy. A look at the mast-head or website address may help. This is Liberal Democrat Voice. We can happily live with Lib Dem Voice. But we are not Liberal Voice. Any more than you are the Torygraph and Grauniad.

Secondly, you say Lib Dem Voice has been “swamped” by grassroots activists demanding Ming quit. I assume you refer to this thread, Lib Dem MP: “We have to think about where we want to be in 18 months’ time”, which has indeed attracted a large number of comments: 61 and counting. Some are supportive of Ming; many make the valid point that it’s policy which matters; and some are unsupportive of Ming. I counted seven people calling for Ming to go. Perhaps you regard this as “swamping”: I call it statistically insignificant.

Thirdly, the view is repeated in the Grauniad that, “Chatter about Sir Menzies’s leadership overshadowed last month’s annual conference in Brighton”. This depends: if you are talking about media chatter you’re right. If you’re talking about Lib Dem conference delegates who were there, you are wrong.

Finally, thank you for highlighting Liberal Democrat Voice in your newspapers. It’s good to know you’re watching. Perhaps next time the Lib Dems announce we’re going to raise the threshold of inheritance tax, or replace air passenger duty with a tax on planes, or start taxing non-doms you’ll remember to report that, too, rather than assuming the Tories originated them.