Who are the most-quoted opposition MPs?

by Stephen Tall on October 11, 2007

Iain Dale has produced his monthly list of Tory shadow cabinet ‘media tarts’, based on their total number of mentions in the UK newspapers, according to the Lexis-Nexis database.

Rather kindly, he has also compiled the figures for four Lib Dems: Ming Campbell, Nick Clegg, Chris Huhne and Vince Cable.

Merge the two lists, and here’s what we find for September:

1. David Cameron 2527
2. Ming Campbell 701
3. George Osborne 355
4. Nick Clegg 255
5. William Hague 225
6. Chris Huhne 201
7. David Davis 162
8. Vince Cable 152

Yes, that’s right – half of the top eight most-mentioned opposition MPs are on the Lib Dem front bench. Well done fellas.