Trouble brewing for Tories?

by Stephen Tall on September 27, 2007

Sky News’s Jon Craig is trumpeting the news that Buckinghamshire Tory MP, John Bercow, will not be attending his party’s conference in Blackpool next week.

For some time now, he’s been billed as the Tory most likely to cross the floor and join Quentin Davies on the Labour benches. Bercow’s absence is ‘fuelling speculation’ ((c) all media organisations everywhere when trying to justify passing on hearsay).

More interesting is Jon’s last para:

In a further sign of turmoil and panic in the Conservative Party, Shadow Home Secretary and defeated leadership candidate [sic] David Davis has cancelled all his appearances at fringe meetings in Blackpool, a move seen as more evidence of the tension at the very top of the party.

What can it all mean?