How do you solve a problem like PMQs?

by Stephen Tall on August 4, 2007

Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone has posed an interesting question over at her blog – how the demeaning farce which is Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons can be improved:

To me – yes, it’s great theatre and even fun at time but – it’s utterly crap as a way of holding the Prime Minister or Government to account – and I doubt the baying mob moment where everyone (except polite Lib Dems of course!) is cheering or booing does much for the reputation of politics.

After all – what would you think of someone who behaved in a work meeting the way the boorish heckling backbenchers do at PMQs? So – you may have guessed I’m not impressed!

Still though I’d be interested to hear other people’s views – what do you make of PMQs? Is it any good? Does it damage politics etc? Let me know what you think!

You can post your replies at Lynne’s blog here.