Ok, so there are bigger niggles in life

by Stephen Tall on June 6, 2007

But two questions are bugging me right now, as I try to live life as a cyclist who doesn’t arrive in work soaked from a sudden downpour:

1) why is it impossible to buy an item of stylish rain-wear… y’know, something that doesn’t look like it was rejected by Gyles Brandreth for being unutterably unfashionable; and

2) even if I accept I must of necessity compromise my designer trendiness, and meekly submit to doudy dryness, why do rain-ponchos only come with short sleeves? Is it too much to ask that, having sacrificed all street-cred for the sake of practical comfort, my forearms should still get wet?

If only I could get a chauffeur to drive behind me with a change of clothes, life would be so much easier.