by Stephen Tall on May 21, 2007

I go away for a few days, return to Blighty, only to discover it’s the same old, same old…

  1. Tony Blair is still Prime Minister, despite having announced his resignation three times (and counting… ooh, I can’t wait for the tear-wrenching speech he’s got lined up for us on the 27th June), while Gordon Brown broods testily in the wings having clocked up 13 years as a bitter understudy.
  2. Two of my former Lib Dem city council colleagues in Oxford have, finally – as predicted here, here, here, here and here – decided to place their talents at the disposal of the Tory Party, following their brief sojourns as Independents. Defections are sometimes hailed as signifying political watersheds, even at the parochial level of local government. More usually, they are about clashing personalities and over-hyped egos. As a party member whose time and money has helped give them the platform to become yesterday’s proverbial fish ‘n’ chip wrappers (though I assume H&S legislation nowadays disqualifies the Oxford Mail’s pages from actually being bespoiled in this way), I have scant time for their to-be-short-lived grand-standing. Still, I’m sure they’ll have fun defending the views of the party they have joined to the Oxford residents who rejected those views at the ballot box when last they had the chance.
  3. An unholy alliance of 96 Labour and Tory MPs has ganged up – again – to force anti-Freedom of Information Act legislation through the House of Commons, exempting Parliamentarians from its reach. The words ‘self-serving’ and ‘hypocrites’ spring to mind.

Still – good to be back…

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Do you think that the Tories will help Labour in Quarry and the Greens in Carfax as the defectors take with them any personal vote that they have?

by Anonymous on May 21, 2007 at 11:42 pm. Reply #

Honest answer: not sure. I doubt it will have much effect. Most councillors overestimate the extent of their personal vote – which is perhaps why Oxford now has a Tory group, rather than an Independent group.

by Stephen Tall on May 22, 2007 at 11:20 am. Reply #

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