Moving up the table

by Stephen Tall on April 2, 2007

Two quick questions for a Monday night:

  1. Which of the 238 district councils in England sets the highest Council Tax?
  2. Who’s the local MP?

Answers as follows:

  1. Sedgefield – £354.37.
  2. Tony Blair (of course).

For the record, Oxford had – under Labour control – the 10th highest Council Tax of any of the 238 English district councils.

I’m proud to say that, after just one year of me being in charge of the city’s finances, this has improved by one whole place! Yes, Oxford now levies ‘only’ the 11th highest district Council Tax in England thanks to the Lib Dems proposing a below-inflation Council Tax increase this year. So we’re heading in the right direction… but I think it’s fair to say we’ve a long way still to go.

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One comment

I think the good burghers of Sedgefield would be thrilled witless if their council tax bill was only £354.37 – it’s that tricky £1000 that spoils the fun.

(You should also remember that huge swathes of the population are on housing benefits of one sort or another, so the numberplate bill may be a trifle misleading).

by anon and on and on on April 3, 2007 at 7:13 am. Reply #

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