You pays your money, you takes your choice

by Stephen Tall on March 28, 2007

Two headlines from today’s papers:

  • The Times: ‘Budget failed to sway voters, Times poll shows’
  • The Independent: ‘Tory lead slips as voters welcome Budget’

Of course opinion polls matter. But let’s recognize there’s as much art as science involved.

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One comment

As that particular poll shows the Liberal Democrats gaining more of the Tories’ poll drop than Labour, it’s hard to see how that works. Well-off Tories enjoying the 2% cut flock to Labour, but even more low-paid Labour supporters switch to the Lib Dems?

You’re right, though: margins of error are such, and different people’s views affected in so many different ways, that ascribing one cause to such a change, unless there are particular questions on the budget that show it as the reason, are wishful thinking on behalf of the interpreters.

by Will on March 28, 2007 at 1:20 pm. Reply #

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