Clearly not a blog-Smith

by Stephen Tall on December 5, 2006

Blogging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and MPs appear to be among the most resistant. So I was surprised, but pleased, to see my local MP, New Labour’s Andrew Smith, joining the modern world at the request of the local rag.

But, somehow, you could always tell his heart wasn’t in it. This was his opening gambit:

Funny thing to be doing a blog. I have never been very attracted to them myself, and if I hadn’t been asked by Oxford Mail, I wouldn’t be doing this one now. That’s 32 words, so only 468 to go.

After this first flush of enthusiasm, on 18th October, he managed to post one more article a week later. Since when… nothing. Six weeks of silence. Come on, Andrew, where’s your commitment?

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