Phew! (Breathes more easily)

by Stephen Tall on September 19, 2006

Mark the time well… The party just came of age.

All kudos to the Lib Dem Tax Commission for a hard job well done – and to the party leadership for putting their necks on the line.

Today’s tax debate was what party conferences should be about. It was passionate, tense, good humoured, important and well argued.

And, most importantly – the right result.

PS: I see Mr Cameron’s anaemic ‘Built to Last’ document has been endorsed by 60,000 Tory members (with 5,000 rejecting it – I assume they’d vote against motherhood and apple pie as well, if given the choice).

Some 175,000 Tory members failed to vote at all, suggesting there may be a slight lack of enthusiasm for Mr Cameron’s brand of “inoffensive Conservatism”.

I’ll leave it to you to judge which of today’s two results demonstrates real leadership.