Nice one, Vince

by Stephen Tall on March 30, 2006

The existence of this post says much about me…

I touched down in New York three hours ago, it’s currently 4.30 am BST (as both my body and computer clocks are telling me), and I’m writing about the result of the Liberal Democrat deputy leadership election.

So I’m going to confine myself to three quick points:

1. Well done, Vince. He deserves to win for this article alone – one of the best analyses yet of the Cameroon phenomenon.

2. Though I readily concede having two balding blokes in their 60s as our Leader and Deputy does not perhaps present the degree of plurality we might wish, I’m relieved we have someone of Vince’s stature as back-up. (Though, for the record, I still think it’s a real shame Susan Kramer didn’t go for it.)

3. Whither Matthew Taylor? An excellent result to run Vince so close; and now what?

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