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How can we unlock citizen creativity to strengthen communities?

Thursday September 18th, 2014 02:06:45 PM (Russell Eagling)
Creative Citizenship, with its emphasis upon creativity, innovation and the civic potential of online media, hints at new ways forward for long-established political ambitions to stimulate economic and cultural activity at the community level.  Labour’s Third Way; the Conservatives’ Big Society and the Liberal Democrats’ Open Society are way-markers on ...

Reading well by 11: modelling the potential for improvement

Monday September 8th, 2014 12:16:21 PM (Tomasz Frosztick)
Chris ThoungSeptember 2014 The Read On. Get On. campaign has set an ambition that all 11 year olds in Britain should be reading well by 2025. Of the one in four children that are not currently reading well, a disproportionate number come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Disadvantaged children already face many challenges and not being able to read well further ...

CentreForum at the 2014 Liberal Democrat Conference

Friday September 27th, 2013 10:32:25 AM (Tomasz Frosztick)
CentreForum has a full programme of events for the forthcoming Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Glasgow. Click on the links below to find out what we are up to each day. Open invitation events Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Invitation only events

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British Future

Scotland has spoken – will England respond?

Friday September 19th, 2014 09:28:14 AM BFTemp
Scotland thought seriously about whether to end the United Kingdom - and chose to mend and save it instead. England must also now find its voice, writes Sunder Katwala. The post Scotland has spoken – will England respond? appeared first on British Future.

British Muslims unite to condemn ISIS as “Un-Islamic State”

Wednesday September 17th, 2014 10:29:16 AM BFTemp
Muslim leaders in the UK have come together to urge Prime Minister David Cameron to help de-legitimise the extremist group ISIS, starting with refusing to acknowledge their preferred title “Islamic State”. The open letter to the Prime Minister was, coincidentally, published just hours before ISIS released video footage of the murder of British aid worker ...

Most Europeans would make concessions to keep Britain in Europe – new research

Wednesday September 10th, 2014 11:15:49 AM BFTemp
Most EU voters believe their governments should do more to accommodate British concerns about its terms of membership, writes Sunder Katwala, so as to make it more likely that Britain would stay in the European Union. The post Most Europeans would make concessions to keep Britain in Europe – new research appeared first on British Future.

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Centre for Policy Studies

The £13.8 Billion Hole in the Scottish Budget

Sunday September 14th, 2014 10:00:00 PM
Leading economist Tim Morgan identifies three major risks in the event that the Scots vote “yes” to...

Introducing the Lifetime ISA

Sunday August 3rd, 2014 10:00:00 PM
Michael Johnson suggests the Chancellor’s new ISAs do not go far enough to kick-start a savings culture....

Abolishing the innovation poll tax

Thursday June 26th, 2014 10:00:00 PM
Adam Memon calls for supply-side reforms to the patent process which will reduce the barriers to innovation....

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Having Their Say

Wednesday September 10th, 2014 05:22:00 PM
OVERVIEW Cynicism towards politicians and political parties has grown steadily in the past 30 years.  In 1986, only one in ten Britons said they ‘almost never’ trust governments to place the needs of the nation above the interests of their own party: in 2012 that had risen to one in three. Voting turnout has declined by an average of 10 per cent ...

Rethinking incapacity

Friday July 18th, 2014 09:00:00 AM
What does it mean to say that someone is 'incapacitated' – that is, they are not in paid work because of their ill-health or disability? This is no idle theoretical question; there are nearly a million incapacity tests (known as the Work Capability Assessment, or WCA) every year that determine whether people receive benefits, and nearly everyone (from government ...

The Commission on Apprenticeships

Monday June 23rd, 2014 03:51:00 PM
Demos has launched a new cross-party Commission on Apprenticeships. Demos will act as Secretariat for this Commission, providing research support and drafting the final report in late 2014. The report, which will be shaped by guidance and feedback from Commissioners, will make recommendations to local and national policymakers, employers, training providers and ...

Fabian Society

Labour’s retirement revolution

Friday September 19th, 2014 10:10:57 AM Richard
If the Labour Party wins the 2015 election it will come to power 32 days into a revolution in pension policy that is set to leave British retirements permanently diminished. So the Opposition must use the next six months to prepare decisive plans to replace George Osborne’s pension reforms with its own alternative, to be... Read more »

Review: The Blunders of Governments

Wednesday September 10th, 2014 11:43:34 AM AnyaPearson
The Blunders of Governments by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe, the result of four years research, is a major contribution to the discussion around some of the domestic legacies of both the Thatcher/Major and Blair/Brown governments. The authors seek to both identify governmental blunders and ascertain what lessons can be drawn from them. In particular,... Read more ...

Air pollution: A hidden killer

Wednesday September 10th, 2014 11:18:26 AM AnyaPearson
In 1952, during the great smog of London, 4000 people died from the pollution that filled the air.  In 2014, almost 30,000 people in the UK will die prematurely because of air pollution.  Today, as Maria Eagle and Sadiq Khan launch Labour’s campaign against air pollution, Labour joins SERA in saying that 60 years after... Read more »

Index on Censorship

Pakistan gets YouTube back. Sort of

Wednesday December 18th, 2013 12:05:41 PM Zofeen T. Ebrahim
A localised YouTube service will be available in Pakistan. But users are far from happy, says Zofeen Ibrahim The post Pakistan gets YouTube back. Sort of appeared first on Index on Censorship.

The “nasty little bill” that could kill the Big Society

Friday September 6th, 2013 02:04:19 PM Alex Stevenson
'Chilling effect', 'seriously flawed', 'bureaucratic nightmare': Alex Stevenson looks behind the scenes of the UK's gagging bill The post The “nasty little bill” that could kill the Big Society appeared first on Index on Censorship.

Hampstead teacher: Leave those kids alone!

Friday September 6th, 2013 11:13:44 AM Padraig Reidy
What right does a North London head teacher have to report an "anarchist" student blogger to the police, asks Padraig Reidy The post Hampstead teacher: Leave those kids alone! appeared first on Index on Censorship.

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Institute for Government

IfG statement on Scottish referendum and devolution

Thursday September 18th, 2014 11:00:00 PM mark.mistry
IfG Director Peter Riddell responds to the Scottish referendum result and plans for further devolution.

New IfG analysis: what are the scenarios for governing after the referendum?

Wednesday September 10th, 2014 09:38:54 AM andrew.murphy
As campaigning draws to a close the Institute for Government today releases its second paper in its Governing after the Referendum project examining future scenarios for Scotland and the UK. We look at no fewer than 16 different possibilities (10 for Scotland, four for Wales and two for Northern Ireland) in the event of a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ vote following ...

Public sends clear message to politicians ahead of party conferences: ‘don’t make promises you can’t keep’

Tuesday September 9th, 2014 04:26:29 PM andrew.murphy
Institute for Government publishes new poll and A Programme for Effective Government.

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Cameron's monumental error - the pursuit of the mediocre as the enemy of the perfect

Friday September 19th, 2014 07:04:40 AM Richard Wellings
If we had a union with nearly all powers devolved, this would take us back to the situation that existed at the time of the Act of Union. At that time, the government did very little except manage debt and provide defence. Everything else was devolved – to the ...

Footballing migrants

Thursday September 18th, 2014 10:50:53 AM Richard Wellings
Why should interest groups like the FA be allowed to influence immigration policy? The argument that English workers perform better when protected from competition from immigrants might be used by every occupation if we accepted Mr Dyke’s dubious logic. ...

Planning liberalisation is the closest thing there is to an economic silver bullet

Wednesday September 17th, 2014 09:28:52 AM Richard Wellings
The potential gains from planning liberalisation are clear: lower housing costs, a reduced cost of many goods and services, a better functioning labour market, and higher productivity and wages. The question is whether there is any appetite among our politicians to ...

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Scottish independence referendum: Devolution must offer change for people and places in poverty, says JRF

Friday September 19th, 2014 10:27:28 AM stewart.lee
Reacting to the result of the Scottish independence referendum, Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), said: “This result provides an opportunity for a new settlement for people and places in poverty across the UK. As well as Scotland, cities, regions and the North of England ...

#indyref provides Scotland a once in a generation opportunity to tackle poverty

Tuesday September 16th, 2014 12:46:24 PM Julia Unwin
Whatever the outcome of Thursday’s independence referendum vote, Scotland must get to grips with high levels of poverty in the country, says Julia Unwin. As campaigners from both sides have reminded us, this Thursday’s independence vote is one of historic importance. The campaign has energised political debate and the outcome must be grasped as a moment to ...

Achieving climate justice: the agenda for action

Tuesday September 16th, 2014 10:46:03 AM stewart.lee
9 October 2014 - 9:30am - 4:30pm Glasgow Caledonian University's Centre for Climate Justice is working with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice to run a series of seminars on Climate Justice exploring the nature of the issues, the existing evidence base and ...

Policy Exchange

Policy Exchange appoints David Frum as new chairman

Friday September 19th, 2014 07:43:00 AM
Policy Exchange is delighted to announce that David Frum, one of the leading thinkers and writers on public policy in the English-speaking world, is the new Chairman of Trustees of Policy Exchange. He succeeds Lord Finkelstein of Pinner, who is standing down at the end of his three year term.

The Too Difficult Box: The Big Issues Politicians Can't Crack with Charles Clarke

Monday September 15th, 2014 05:30:00 PM
Policy Exchange is delighted to welcome former Home Secretary Charles Clarke to discuss his new book, The Too Difficult Box. The book brings together a cast of heavy hitters from the worlds of politics, academia and public service, to write expansively and persuasively on some of society’s most insidious problems, too often kicked into the long grass because ...

Doug Lemov at the annual Policy Exchange / Teach First Lecture (II)

Friday September 12th, 2014 01:58:11 PM
Natasha Porter, Policy Exchange's Deputy Head of Education, covers our inaugural Annual Education Lecture, which was delivered by US education reform expert Doug Lemov.  Doug called for greater opportunities for teachers to learn from one another, highlighting that there is no achievement gap that some teacher hasn't already crossed.

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