Posts Tagged “will straw” ‘Fairer? For Whom?’ fringe with Evan Harris, Susan Kramer, Will Straw (and me) – Listen Again

by Stephen Tall on September 20, 2010

The second of the conference events took place Sunday lunchtime at the conference arena in the mysteriously unsignposted Hall 1B (which appeared to be nowhere near either Hall 1, nor Hall 1C). After weeks, months even, of careful planning (…)

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Evan Harris, Susan Kramer, Will Straw. And me. The Lib Dem Voice fringe, Sunday (1-2pm)

by Stephen Tall on September 19, 2010

There is a stellar line-up of speakers for this Sunday lunchtime’s fringe event, titled with perfect grammar, Fairness? For Whom? Debating what the Coalition means for the Lib Dems’ fairness agenda will be two first-rate former Lib Dems MPs, (…)

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Clegg on social mobility: “making opportunity a right of the many, rather than a privilege of the few”

by Stephen Tall on August 18, 2010

Nick Clegg today delivered his widely trailed speech on improving social mobility today, marking the 100th day of the Lib Dem / Conservative Coalition Government. You can read the full text below, also available at the party website. Lib Dem Voice Co-Editor Mark Pack has put on his professional hat over at the Mandate blog […]