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Burstow: “New 111 service will be better than NHS Direct”

by Stephen Tall on August 30, 2010

The news broke at the weekend that NHS Direct is to be scrapped by the Coalition Government, and replaced with a new service – 111 – a move anticipated in July’s Health White Paper, in which it was promised to: Develop a coherent 24/7 urgent care service in every area of England that makes sense […]

NEW POLL: Is the Coalition right to scrap NHS Direct?

by Stephen Tall on August 28, 2010

The BBC reports: The government has confirmed it is planning to scrap the NHS Direct telephone service in England and replace it with a cheaper option. A new 111 helpline is already being piloted in the North East. It was previously reported that the new service may replace NHS Direct, but now the Department of […]

NEW POLL: Should nuclear power be part of the UK’s energy mix?

by Stephen Tall on August 9, 2010

Climate change and energy secretary Chris Huhne was on Radio 4 this morning with what will have been, for many Lib Dems, a surprise announcement: that the Lib Dem / Conservative coalition government is fully behind the opening of a new nuclear power station in eight years’ time. Arguing in favour of in favour of […]

NEW POLL: Is the Coalition right to allow us to work beyond 65?

by Stephen Tall on July 31, 2010

This was the statement issued by Lib Dem Employment Relations Minister Ed Davey this week when announcing the end of the default retirement age of 65, and give people the freedom to choose their own retirement date: With more and more people wanting to extend their working lives we should not stop them just because […]

LDV TwtPoll – right or wrong to deny Nick Griffin entry to the Buckingham Palace garden party?

by Stephen Tall on July 24, 2010

A couple of days ago, Lib Dem Voice tweeted an instant poll asking the question, “Was it right or wrong for BNP leader Nick Griffin to be denied entry to the Buckingham Palace garden party?” The poll’s still open, and you can vote here – here’s how voting currently stands: All in all, pretty close, […]

NEW POLL: Who do you want to see as the next Lib Dem deputy leader?

by Stephen Tall on May 27, 2010

It’s early days – Vince only announced he was stepping down as the party’s deputy leader last night, in order to focus on his cabinet responsibilities – but who would you, LDV’s readers, like to see take over from Vince?
Of course the electorate for the deputy’s post are the party’s 57 MPs (party members choose […]

NEW POLL: What’s the main reason you think the Tory poll lead has all but evaporated?

by Stephen Tall on February 28, 2010

Today’s YouGov poll in the Sunday Times suggests the Tory lead over Labour has amost disappeared, and that Labour may even end up the largest party after the general election (which would reflect the exclusive LDV election prediction published here at the start of February).
Nor is today’s poll a flash-in-the-pan. None of the last […]

NEW POLL: Is it time to end ‘politically restricted’ jobs?

by Stephen Tall on February 18, 2010

Blogging Labour MP Tom Harris has an interesting story today, revealing that Tina Stowell, the BBC’s head of corporate affairs “is not only a wannabe Tory candidate, but still has a live website proclaiming her love of all things Cameron.” But Tom doesn’t point this out in order to fulminate or demand her resignation:
And you […]

LDV readers say: Televised leaders’ debates will be great help to Lib Dems

by Stephen Tall on January 9, 2010

A fortnight ago, LDV posed the question, What difference, if any, do you think the televised leaders’ debates will make to the Lib Dems’ standing in the polls? Here’s what you told us:

60% (258 votes) – They will be a real help to the Liberal Democrats
24% (105) – They will make only a […]

NEW POLL: Who is your Liberal Voice of the Year?

by Stephen Tall on January 9, 2010

Ten days ago, in the dying days of the last decade, LDV launched our search for the Liberal Voice of 2009, to find the non-Lib Dem individual or group which has had the biggest impact on liberalism in this country in the past 12 months.
Our thanks to all who put forward nominations, all of which […]