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My take on the Labour leadership: enjoy Peak Corbyn, then prepare for Competent Cooper

by Stephen Tall on August 4, 2015

Just when I think we’ve reached Peak Corbyn, the summer madness ratchets up another notch. Last night, we reached Peek Corbyn, as crowds of Jezzabeaux and Jezzabelles descended on Camden to hear the Sage of Islington spake. The New Statesman’s (…)

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Tom Watson handily reminds me why I left Labour

by Stephen Tall on March 20, 2014

I’ll be honest. I don’t yet know what I think about the Coalition’s plans to liberalise pensions. I like the idea people should have greater control over their own money; I’d like to know more about how the government proposes (…)

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Miliband vs McCluskey: 2 points that strike me about the Labour/Unite row over alleged candidate selection rigging

by Stephen Tall on July 7, 2013

Looking in from the outside, albeit as a former Labour member myself, two points strike me about the Labour/Unite row over the alleged attempt by the union to rig the selection of the party’s general election candidate in Falkirk. What’s the opposite of nominative determinism? Asking on behalf of Unite. — Stephen Tall (@stephentall) July […]

Three tweets I wasn’t expecting this weekend: from Prescott, McBride and Watson

by Stephen Tall on February 17, 2013

A trio of tweets I wouldn’t have predicted to be on the receiving end this weekend… First, John Prescott re-tweets one of the most predictable jokes I’ve ever cracked: .@mrjohnofarrell I see Maria Hutchings getting mobbed on the streets of (…)

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