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Why I’m against job-sharing for MPs

by Stephen Tall on March 7, 2014

Lib Dem MP Tom Brake backs the idea of job-sharing MPs over at Lib Dem Voice: … if we want parliamentarians to know about life outside Westminster, we should be prepared to make it easier for them to have one. (…)

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Will the reshuffle actually matter?

by Stephen Tall on September 5, 2012

That’s the title of a post I’ve written for the Endeavour Public Affairs website here. And here’s my answer… Will this reshuffle actually matter? That’s the question which looms over the current version of musical chairs currently obsessing the Westminster (…)

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The graph which shows how many Tory, Labour and LibDem voters support House of Lords reform

by Stephen Tall on July 21, 2012

The London Evening Standard reported this week a new poll under the headline Even Lib-Dems say Lords reform is not a priority. Buried two-thirds of the way down, however, was this interesting data: Today’s poll found the idea of reforming the Lords, which still has 92 hereditary peers, is widely supported. Eight in 10 people […]

Tom Brake: ending of Yarl’s Wood child detention “a sign of Lib Dem influence in Government”

by Stephen Tall on July 21, 2010

Tom Brake, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Committee for Home Affairs and Justice, has given a warm welcome to the announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today that the family unit at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, where children are detained awaiting deportation, will be closed. Tom commnets: Locking up innocent children for […]

Tom tries to put the Brake on Google Street View

by Stephen Tall on July 14, 2009

As today’s Times reports: Google’s Street View service got off to a bumpy start in the UK as privacy campaigners tried to block Google’s car-mounted cameras from photographing Britain’s streets. Now, Google is heading off the beaten track. The internet (…)

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CommentIsLinked@LDV: Tom Brake – Five hours inside a police 'kettle' was time to reflect on our lost liberties

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2009

Over at The Times, Lib Dem MP Tom Brake reflects on his experiences as an independent observer on behalf of Parliament at last week’s G20 protests. Here’s an excerpt: There is a minority in some protests that does not mind (…)

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