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Opinion polls yadda yadda. OR “Does Nate Silver mean nothing to you? Did he write in vain?”

by Stephen Tall on May 21, 2013

Two new polls last night: the daily YouGov tracker and the first post-local elections poll from Survation. The spread is interesting: Labour: 35% (Survation 39% (YouGov) Conservatives: 24% (S), 31% (YG) Lib Dems: 11% (S), 10% (YG) Ukip: 22% (S), 14% (YG) As Anthony Wells points out, Survation asks whether people will vote Ukip (most […]

++ Another new Eastleigh poll – and this time it shows the Tories in front by 4%

by Stephen Tall on February 23, 2013

Last night brought news of a Populus poll for The Times showing the Lib Dems ahead of the Tories by 33%-28%, a Lib Dem lead of 5%. But tonight a Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday has shown the Tories ahead of the Lib Dems by 33%-29%, a Tory lead of 4%. Survation conducted […]