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Nick Clegg’s Letter from the Leader: ‘Opening Doors’ so that every young person deserves a great start in life

by Stephen Tall on June 9, 2013

Nick Clegg has made social mobility — the aim that everyone should be able to make of their lives what they want regardless of where they come from — his driving mission as Deputy Prime Minister. It’s a big aim and one he knows will be difficult to achieve. His latest attempt to progress it […]

“Is the coalition government doing enough to encourage social mobility?”

by Stephen Tall on May 23, 2013

That was the question I was asked to answer for a new magazine, The New Idealist (available online here). Here’s what I said… Social mobility: it’s a phrase much-beloved by politicians from all three parties. Who, after all, can possibly disagree with the fine sentiments of Nick Clegg in his social mobility strategy paper, Opening […]

Mike Moritz’s gift to Oxford: a couple of thoughts from me

by Stephen Tall on July 12, 2012

Oxford University was yesterday able to unveil what is probably the largest ever pledged donation towards student financial assistance in the history of any European university. The bountiful benefactor? Mike Moritz, Welsh son of an academic emigre father who fled (…)

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LDVideo: Clegg – Britain must shake off ‘snobbish’ class attitudes

by Stephen Tall on May 22, 2012

Nick Clegg today spoke of his aim to boost social mobility at a conference organised by the Sutton Trust, arguing Britain must create an open society “where what matters most is the person you become, not the person you were born.” “These are challenging times but that doesn’t mean we can give up on making […]

Popbitch on… the Social Mobility Agenda and Cricket

by Stephen Tall on March 15, 2012

For years my colleagues at The Sutton Trust have been noting how the failure of the British educational/class/economic* system is nowhere more apparent than in the dwindling access to top professions for state school students. Now the satirical gossip website (…)

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Clegg on social mobility: “making opportunity a right of the many, rather than a privilege of the few”

by Stephen Tall on August 18, 2010

Nick Clegg today delivered his widely trailed speech on improving social mobility today, marking the 100th day of the Lib Dem / Conservative Coalition Government. You can read the full text below, also available at the party website. Lib Dem Voice Co-Editor Mark Pack has put on his professional hat over at the Mandate blog […]

Social mobility and the Lib Dems: will Alan Milburn’s appointment help?

by Stephen Tall on August 16, 2010

The weekend media was full of the news of Alan Milburn’s putative return to front-line politics with his appointment to a role advising the Coalition Government on policies to promote social mobility. Reaction to the news has been mixed. John Prescott, never one to mince his words when he can mangle them instead, spat out […]