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3 quick thoughts on the Richmond Park by-election

by Stephen Tall on December 2, 2016

Embed from Getty Images The last two times I’ve gone to bed reasonably confident my side would win an election, I’ve had a rotten, sleepless night. Last night I went to bed reckoning my side would fall just short and (…)

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Why I’m pleased Labour is standing in the Richmond Park by-election

by Stephen Tall on October 26, 2016

‘The Liberal Democrats have vowed to make the Richmond Park by-election about Brexit, not Heathrow,’ says the BBC. This is, as I suggested yesterday, strategically sensible: Strategically for the LibDems, Richmond by-election needs to be seen to be about Brexit (…)

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Heathrow, Brexit and the Richmond by-election. Why I’m grateful for Zac

by Stephen Tall on October 25, 2016

Zac Goldsmith’s resignation as Conservative MP for Richmond Park in protest at his Government’s decision to approve a third runway at Heathrow is, at least on the face of it, good news for the Lib Dems. A Tory-Lib Dem swing (…)

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LDV Saturday caption competition: “Kramer vs Zac” edition

by Stephen Tall on July 31, 2010

There’s no prize at stake – just the opportunity to prove you’re wittier than any other LDV reader … (Image courtesy: Here’s former Lib Dem MP for Richmond Park Susan Kramer with her Tory successor Zac Goldsmith. What do you think they might have been saying or thinking about each other? The winner of […]

3 to see: Lib Dem #GE2010 campaign coverage

by Stephen Tall on April 8, 2010

Pushed for time, but want to keep up-to-date with how the campaign’s going? Here are today’s must-reads ….

Nick Clegg launching Scottish Lib Dem election campaign (BBC)
It will be almost like old times for the Lib Dems, with former leader Charles Kennedy joining Nick Clegg to launch the Lib Dems’ Scottish campaign – as CK himself […]

What does Zac make of the Tories’ latest nuclear policy?

by Stephen Tall on March 28, 2010

Just four months ago, the Tories’ non-dom candidate for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith, promised that his party would “ring in era of integrity” – and insisted no new nuclear power stations would be built under a Tory government.
Zac told The Guardian last December:
… that if the party sticks to its existing policy, it would never […]

What does £10,000 mean to you? To Zac Goldsmith it’s a “very marginal tax benefit”

by Stephen Tall on December 3, 2009

Under pressure from a deeply unhappy David Cameron, the Tories’ ‘trustafarian millionaire’ candidate for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith, has at long last pledged to end his non-dom status with immediate effect – his original plan, before the row sparked by the original Sunday Times revelations, was to become a full UK taxpayer next year.
But you’ve […]