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Tackling child poverty: a liberal approach

by Stephen Tall on September 20, 2016

I was one of the speakers at last night’s fringe meeting – hosted by the Child Poverty Action Group and the Education Policy Institute – alongside Alison Garnham (CPAG’s chief executive), former Lib Dem MP Jenny Willott and Lib Dem (…)

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The Economist on the success of the Pupil Premium: “A pricey education policy looks like money well spent”

by Stephen Tall on March 3, 2016

Embed from Getty Images I’ve said before that I think the Pupil Premium – £2.5 billion of extra money given to schools to support children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds — is one of the most progressive government policies (…)

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National Audit Office verdict on Pupil Premium: “potential to bring about a significant improvement in outcomes for disadvantaged pupils”

by Stephen Tall on June 30, 2015

Six months ago I wrote: I think [the Pupil Premium is] one of this Coalition’s most progressive policies. But expecting its impact to be sudden and dramatic is to over-hype it. What I suspect it has done is focus schools’ (…)

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What should be the next government’s top priority for education?

by Stephen Tall on April 17, 2015

‘What should be the next government’s top priority for education?’ That was the question I was asked by the Association of Charitable Foundations for their April 2015 magazine, Trust and Foundation News, wearing my day-job hat as development director of (…)

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Academisation or the Pupil Premium: what’s having most effect? 3 quick thoughts…

by Stephen Tall on December 11, 2014

The Department for Education today published Key Stage 2 performance tables, covering the attainment data for 11 year-old pupils. You can read the detail here, and below are three tables/graphs that stood out for me… 1) Let’s see how the Conservatives’ (…)

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Poll of school leaders and governors: Don’t like Coalition’s education policies – BUT do like Lib Dem Pupil Premium and infant free school meals

by Stephen Tall on June 27, 2014

A couple of findings worth highlighting from a major survey of more than 2,000 school leaders and governors, commissioned by The Key, and carried out by polling firm Ipsos Mori. It probably won’t come as a surprise to discover that the Coalition’s performance on education is viewed unfavourably: three-quarters of school leaders (75%) are dissatisfied […]

Pupil Premium: is it working? Probably – but it’s not a quick-fix solution

by Stephen Tall on January 29, 2014

The Pupil Premium – money targeted at children from low-income households – is the Lib Dems’ flagship education policy. By the end of the Parliament, it will be worth £2.5 billion, cash given directly to schools to spend as they wish on improving attainment outcomes. Is it working? That’s the question being asked, given the […]

Nice try, George. But the Pupil Premium is happening only because the Lib Dems are in government

by Stephen Tall on September 30, 2013

Who has made sure the Pupil Premium is being delivered in Government? Pretty straightforward question, you might think: the Liberal Democrats. Not if you’re George Osborne, though… “I sit at that Cabinet table and I know who has really put forward the policies that are delivering a fairer society. The pupil premium to support the […]

Fraser Nelson attacks pupil premium using report that, erm, doesn’t attack pupil premium

by Stephen Tall on April 26, 2013

Fraser Nelson is in bold form today: Spending more doesn’t improve public services. His basis for this judgement is a report prepared for the Department for Education by Deloitte (available here). If there’s a headline conclusion it’s the fairly uncontentious point that simply spending money on schools does not, in itself, guarantee good outcomes. It […]

So this is why the Tories have been trying to keep their Eastleigh candidate quiet

by Stephen Tall on February 16, 2013

LibDemVoice noted last week that the Tories’ candidate in Eastleigh, Maria Hutchings, had been playing hide and seek with the media. Now we know why… Quote from today’s Mirror: ‘You’ll never be a surgeon if you go to a state (…)

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