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We’re Lib Dems: we need to care a lot more than we seem to about digging out the truth

by Stephen Tall on January 22, 2014

Chris Rennard on Monday, Mike Hancock today. The Lib Dems have been doing quite a bit of membership-suspending this week. Those of us who are left are feeling scandal-fatigued. Probably the public are, too. Today has been especially depressing. Partly (…)

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“Where we work, we win” – will that Lib Dem maxim survive the 2015 test?

by Stephen Tall on January 5, 2013

Don’t splutter on your Saturday morning cornflakes, but the Guardian has today published two intelligent articles on the Lib Dems and the strategy which the party is hoping will see us through to the other side of the 2015 election intact. First, there’s Patrick Wintour‘s analysis — Liberal Democrats bank on ground war to hold […]

Gosport Lib Dem leader banned from council for two years

by Stephen Tall on July 8, 2009

Lib Dem Voice reported last week that Peter Chegwyn, Lib Dem leader on Gosport Council in Hampshire, would this week be facing a standards board tribunal following allegations he used a council vote to protect his music festival. reports (…)

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Hancock to take £1,000 a year “tenants’ tax” protest to Parliament

by Stephen Tall on March 3, 2009

Mike Hancock, Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South, together with his fellow Portsmouth Lib Dems, has taken his campaign on behalf of council tenants to the highest levels, including Downing Street and Parliament. The issue? One that is faced by (…)

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