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What will happen to the Lib Dems in Thursday’s local elections?

by Stephen Tall on April 29, 2013

There are just three campaigning days left until this Thursday’s local elections taking place across much of England.* It’ll be tough-going for the Lib Dems… The last time these seats were fought, in 2009, was a high water-mark for the party: we polled a national equivalent vote-share of 25%. As I said in my morning-after-the-night-before […]

MPs’ Expenses Repayments: how the parties compare

by Stephen Tall on February 5, 2010

I’m very grateful to a pseudonymous Lib Dem commenter, Goupillon, on for emailing through to LDV his tables showing how the parties compare when it comes to the expenses repayments demanded of MPs by Sir Thomas Legg.
The tables which follow are based on data from the list of expenses
miscreants provided by the BBC.
Total […]