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Is LibLabbery the future?

by Stephen Tall on February 5, 2015

‘Labour and Lib Dems to hit joint total of 339 seats, study predicts’ headlined The Guardian this week, summarising the mathematical model of Professor Paul Whiteley at the University of Essex forecasting Labour would win 291 seats and the Lib (…)

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Page 3 and the Tories: showing their modern, enlightened face

by Stephen Tall on June 26, 2013

PoliticsHome’s Paul Waugh reports the Tory distress at the axing of one of their favourite parts of The Sun: the long-running News In Briefs section of Page 3 of the Sun (it’s been going since 2003) is, I can report, no more. The section was missing from today’s paper, now under a new editor, and […]

Tim Farron in outspoken and honest interview shock!

by Stephen Tall on March 8, 2013

An interview with Tim Farron is never a dull one, that’s for sure. I found that out when I spoke to him for the party magazine, Ad Lib, last month — prompting the headline, Lib Dem brand ‘tainted by Tories’ (£), in The Sunday Times. Today’s he’s in the headlines for an interview in The […]

5 points on Clegg’s admission that Coalition was wrong to cut capital spending

by Stephen Tall on January 25, 2013

Nick Clegg has sparked a flurry of excitement with his admission in an interview for The House magazine that the Coalition cut capital spending ‘too far, too fast’ to coin a phrase. Here’s what he said to Paul Waugh and Sam Macrory: “If I’m going to be sort of self-critical, there was this reduction in […]

Vince the Lib Dem Eurosceptic on the “extraordinarily historically important” European single market

by Stephen Tall on January 12, 2013

I’m grateful to PoliticsHome’s Paul Waugh for reporting Vince Cable’s words stressing the importance of the EU’s single market at a time of deep austerity in the western world: “State aide cuts to the heart of the big debate which is rippling though our country at the moment which is about our future within the […]

Your essential weekend reader — 8 must-read articles you may have missed

by Stephen Tall on October 20, 2012

It’s Saturday morning, so here are eight thought-provoking articles to stimulate your thinking juices… Three big things I’ve got wrong since I’ve starting blogging and commenting – ConservativeHome’s Tim Montgomerie confesses to a trio of big errors on the NHS, higher-rate tax and equalities: “One of the many reasons I don’t want to be an […]

No. 10 admits Clegg right to differentiate Lib Dems from Tories/Labour over cosying-up to Murdoch

by Stephen Tall on April 25, 2012

In today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, a riled David Cameron appealed across the political divide to the other major conservative party in the Commons, inviting all politicians to accept they’d been guilty of cosying-up to the Murdochs’ News International empire. Nick (…)

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Has the mystery of the ‘unidentified Lib Dem’ asked to lobby Vince about Murdoch been solved?

by Stephen Tall on April 25, 2012

Amid all the questions floating round yesterday following the extraordinary revelations exposed by the Leveson inquiry, was this intriguing one: who was the ‘Lib Dem MP’ referred to by Frederic Michel, News Corp’s director of public affairs (Europe), lined-up to (…)

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EXCLUSIVE: 72% of Lib Dem members backed reshuffle return for David Laws. (But it wasn’t to be.)

by Stephen Tall on February 4, 2012

Earlier this week, LibDemVoice started asking party members signed up to our discussion forum a range of questions — the survey is still live, but one of the questions is already a little previous so we’re reporting it early… We asked: Would you support or oppose David Laws making a return to government at the […]

What’s the difference between Ryan Giggs and Ed Miliband? Nick Clegg tells all…

by Stephen Tall on June 16, 2011

In the USA they have the White House correspondents’ dinner, an occasion for leading politicians to take pot-shots at the media, themselves, and – most crucially – their opponents. Barack Obama’s quip-assault on Donald Trump ended the wannabe Republican presidential hopes before they’d begun. The UK has no equivalent, but (as PoliticsHome’s Paul Waugh notes) […]