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In the spotlight: Anna Arrowsmith and Paul Walter

by Stephen Tall on March 25, 2010

For the delectation of LDV’s readers, you might be interested in clicking on the following two links:
1. Mark Thompson interviews Anna Arrowsmith
The Mark Reckons blog carries an interview with the Lib Dems’ candidate for Gravesham in Kent, Anna Arrowsmith, who shot to prominence last week owing to her successful career as the UK’s first female […]

Daily View 2×2: 15 March 2010

by Stephen Tall on March 15, 2010

Happy Monday morning, everyone, and welcome to the Ides of March edition of the Daily View. (I hope David Cameron is watching his back: the Tories don’t do loyalty).
Alongside the assasination of Julius Caesar today marks the anniversary of the first Test cricket match between England and Australia (1877); the registration of the first […]

Lib Dem Bloggers Christmas stocking fillers … Part II

by Stephen Tall on December 10, 2009

If you could choose up to three items for your Christmas stocking, what would they be? That was the question LDV posed to a group of Lib Dem bloggers. All this week we’re revealing what they told us, with all their choices added to the Amazon carousel widget featured on our home-page, referral fees from […]

Lib Dem bloggers’ summer reading (Part I)

by Stephen Tall on July 19, 2009

For me, it’s the most difficult decision of the year – which books to take with me on holiday. So, I thought, what could be better than to pick the brains of my fellow Lib Dem bloggers, and ask them (…)

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NEW POLL: was the BBC right to ban Carol Thatcher from The One Show?

by Stephen Tall on February 5, 2009

I’ve avoided for as long as possible the uber-hyped ‘nowtrage’ over Carol Thatcher’s off-air-but-in-the-studio comment that a still-to-be-identified tennis player looks like a ‘golliwog’. It does of course pose lots of interesting questions for liberals: the conflict between freedom of (…)

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Total Politics list of top 50 Lib Dem blogs published

by Stephen Tall on August 28, 2008

You can see the full list over at Iain Dale’s blog, but here’s the top 10: 1. Liberal Democrat Voice 2. People’s Republic of Mortimer (Alix Mortimer) 3. Norfolk Blogger (Nich Starling) 4. Quaequam Blog! (James Graham) 5. Liberal England (…)

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Bloggers' summer reading (Part I)

by Stephen Tall on July 12, 2008

Imagine you were going on holiday this summer: which two books would you take with you? One would be a political book – whether you want to re-read it, or try something new you’ve been recommended. The other would be (…)

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That Telegraph story: true or false (or somewhere inbetween)?

by Stephen Tall on May 19, 2008

At lunchtime, I posted my take on the Telegraph’s exclusive claiming the Lib Dems would be prepared to back – or, at any rate, not vote down – a minority Tory administration if David Cameron’s party is the biggest single (…)

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And the winner is…

by Stephen Tall on May 13, 2008

Thanks to those Lib Dem Voice readers who submitted entries for yesterday’s competition to win a copy Susan George’s book, Hijacking America – by providing a suitable epitaph for George W. Bush’s presidency. The standard was extremely high – I (…)

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Reshuffle reactions: your essential guide

by Stephen Tall on December 21, 2007

Much reaction on the blogs and elsewhere to yesterday’s Lib Dem shadow cabinet announcements. Here are the links: * Home Affairs for Huhne on Peter Welch’s Eastern/European blog. * Clegg keeps Compo! on Martin Land’s New Model Army blog. * (…)

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