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Lib Dem membership up for 15th consecutive month

by Stephen Tall on November 6, 2014

It’s over a year since we first reported that Lib Dem membership, which plummeted in the aftermath of the formation of the Coalition, had started rising again. That meant the party finished 2013 with more members than it began the year. Well, the upward trend is continuing, as an email to members tonight notes: Liberal […]

Lib Dem party membership: the occasional ups and mostly downs since 1988

by Stephen Tall on August 3, 2014

The Lib Dems published the party’s 2013 accounts this week. The report included the latest membership figures, which showed for the first time since 2010 an increase on the previous year’s: up 2% to 43,451. Here are the Lib Dem membership figures since the modern party’s formation as the successor to the Liberal Party and […]

Lib Dems publish latest accounts: £439k surplus and membership up to 43,451

by Stephen Tall on July 29, 2014

The latest set of accounts for the Lib Dems have been published – I’ve uploaded it at the foot of this post. (You can compare it with last year’s here.) Here are 5 points that struck me I read through the document. 1) Party bounces back from deficit to surplus Last year, the Lib Dems […]

Lib Dem membership increase confirmed: “Across the country, 75% of our local parties grew in 2013?

by Stephen Tall on January 18, 2014

We reported here three weeks ago that the Lib Dems finished 2013 with a more members than at the start of the year – “the first governing party in recent history to have increased membership while in power,” as the party put it. At the time, final figures weren’t known as local parties had still […]

2,000 new Lib Dem members join in last 3 months of 2013: “first governing party in recent history to have increased its membership while in power”

by Stephen Tall on December 30, 2013

Today’s Independent reports the story that Lib Dem membership is on the up – 2,000 new members joining in the last three months of the year mean the party has recorded a net increase of up to 800 members across 2013: Much of the success, party sources said, was down to a new incentive scheme […]

My column for ConHome: I’m holding on to my Lib Dem membership card. But what membership means is going to have to change

by Stephen Tall on August 14, 2013

My fourth column for ConservativeHome — The Other Side — ran yesterday. You can read it here (and enjoy the comments from readers who aren’t, in the main, Lib Dems) or below. I’m enjoying the gig, and kudos to ConHome’s (…)

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Lib Dem publish latest accounts, shows £410k deficit and party membership down to 42,500

by Stephen Tall on July 26, 2013

The latest set of accounts for the Lib Dems have been published – I’ve uploaded it at the foot of this post. Here are 5 points that struck me I read through the document. 1) The party ended 2012 with a £410k deficit The party recorded a £410k deficit, with £6m income and £6.4m expenditure. […]

A reply to Dan Hodges: why it’s not surprising some Tories aren’t bothered about winning in 2015

by Stephen Tall on March 29, 2013

The Telegraph’s token Labour blogger Dan Hodges has a typically punchy post today – Do the Tories actually want to win in 2015? – highlighting the fatalism of some Tory MPs who think victory next time is possible but not worth it: Hardly worth it? What, just managing to scrape a win at the next […]

The Lib Dem membership slump: how it compares and how we can respond

by Stephen Tall on August 6, 2012

The Lib Dems published its statement of accounts this week, including the most recent membership figure for the calendar year 2011. If you don’t want to know the score, look away now… As at 31 December, 2011, there were 48,934 Lib Dem members. That’s 25% down on the previous year, 2010, when there were c.65,000 […]

Official: 4,500 new Lib Dem members have joined party since election and coalition agreement

by Stephen Tall on July 15, 2010

Lib Dem party membership is up a remarkable 14% this year, according to official figures released by the party in England. 4,500 new members have joined the party since the election and the coalition agreement was reached, and the party is having greater success in retaining current members than in previous years. Lib Dem Voice […]