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Pollwatch – State of the Leaders: Clegg +18%, Brown -27%, Cameron +5% (March 2010)

by Stephen Tall on April 3, 2010

Yesterday, Pollwatch looked at the state of the parties in March; today it’s the turn of the party leaders.
As with all polls, what follows comes with caveats. Only three polling companies – YouGov, Angus RS and Mori – this past month asked questions specifically to find out the public’s views of the three main […]

Pollwatch – State of the Parties: Lib Dems 19%, Labour 31%, Tories 38% (March 2010)

by Stephen Tall on April 2, 2010

March may have 31 days, but it saw an extraordinary 39 polls conducted. So frenetic has been the activity, we at Lib Dem Voice even published a mid-month report to keep track of their findings. And despite all the hyped-up headlines – both in print and online – of minor fluctuations signifying some grand new […]

Was 6th October the day it started going awry for the Tories?

by Stephen Tall on March 16, 2010

The opinion polls are up-and-down day-in-day-out at the moment, making it almost impossible to say with any confidence whether we are firmly in hung parliament territory, or whether the most likely result is still a Tory victory at the coming general election. But one thing is beyond doubt: the last six months has seen a […]

What the pollsters think will happen at the general election

by Stephen Tall on January 24, 2010

Forget data sets, interquartile ranges and margin of error. The Guardian recently reported the collective wisdom of the wet-fingers-in-the-air of the UK’s pollsters, who met this past week “to refine their methods ahead of the election, and ended with off-the-cuff predictions for the final result.”
And here’s what they came up with:
Statisticians from most of Britain’s […]