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Scotland says no to independence: here’s my first thoughts the morning after

by Stephen Tall on September 19, 2014

The people of Scotland have spoken. As that sound echoes, here’s what I think its rejection of independence means… The SNP are strengthened: 45% of the Scottish electorate voted Yes. That’s a far higher figure than many of us would have predicted even a few weeks ago. Yes Scotland’s campaigning, driven by the SNP, has […]

Anti-politics: the Lib Dem problem

by Stephen Tall on September 18, 2014

A very interesting blog-post from two Southampton academics, Will Jennings and Jerry Stoker – Parties and anti-politics – examines the problems each of the four parties has with the current mood of anti-politics (hat-tip John Rentoul). Its introduction summarises its argument: How and why do political parties struggle to ‘get’ anti-politics? They all nod in […]

What do you think will be the result of the Scottish independence referendum? Your predictions, please…

by Stephen Tall on September 17, 2014

Almost all the polls have now been published and election day is tomorrow – so the time has come to put your pundit’s reputation on the line and say what you think will be the result of the Scottish independence referendum. A quick reminder for those who’ve been fogged by the blizzard of polls in […]

No football last week, so why not pick your Fantasy Politics team instead?

by Stephen Tall on September 13, 2014

This week’s internationals mean no English Premiership action so no further update: positions are as they were at the end of Week 3. Which gives me the opportunity to preview Demos Fantasy Politics which operates throughout the party conference season. All you have to do is select a dream-team of up to nine MPs, three […]

Those Scottish independence polls: why the Don’t Knows mean Yes should be concerned

by Stephen Tall on September 10, 2014

Since the YouGov poll showing a narrow Yes lead was published at the weekend the Westminster Village has flailed into hyper-active over-drive. Even today’s Prime Minister’s Questions was cancelled to allow the three party leaders to descend on Scotland and bolster the flagging No campaign. Personally I cannot begin to describe the extent of my […]

Yes, Scotland should have more independence. Wales too. But don’t forget the English

by Stephen Tall on September 8, 2014

I’m a federalist which, I guess, places me somewhere between the unionists and the separatists. Which means that, as I ‘fessed up last February, I’m much more ambivalent about the case for Scottish independence than most Lib Dems: I believe in power being as close to the people as possible. Is ‘devo-max’ or full independence […]

Lib Dem pre-manifesto launched: includes policies to reform drugs laws and bus pass discount for under-21s

by Stephen Tall on September 8, 2014

Last week’s pre-manifesto launch by the Lib Dems was postponed owing to the international situation. Thankfully no important news has broken over the past couple of days which might over-shadow today’s launch. Unless, that is, you think the potential break-up of the UK or a new Royal Baby are headline-grabbing events. You can read the […]

‘Yes Scotland’ takes first poll lead of campaign. Peaked too soon or Big Mo timed just right?

by Stephen Tall on September 7, 2014

Two polls in the Scottish independence referendum debate were published last night. The one that’s (understandably) getting all the attention is YouGov’s showing a wafer-thin Yes lead, 51% to 49%. It’s only the second poll to have found a pro-independence majority (the previous one was over a year ago). The other poll, commissioned by the […]

David Rendel selected as Lib Dem PPC for Somerton and Frome

by Stephen Tall on September 7, 2014

Congratulations to former Lib Dem MP for Newbury, David, Rendel, who was last night selected by Lib Dem members in Somerton and Frome as the party’s parliamentary candidate for the May 2015 general election. David will be attempting to retain David Heath’s seat, won in 2010 with a majority of 1,817 over the Tories. The […]

Clacton and the Lib Dems’ post-2015 wastelands problem

by Stephen Tall on September 4, 2014

The Clacton by-election triggered by Douglas Carswell’s defection from the Tories to Ukip will take place on 9th October – David Cameron’s birthday, but also the day after the Lib Dems’ autumn conference concludes. That’s not great news for the Lib Dems on two counts. First, it means the media will likely be obsessing more […]

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